• Mercedes Chloe

C is for celine

Ever since the start of my college venture, I have had a birthday soiree. Last year was at the Ganservoort. Although it ended with one of my best friends (with her ten foot model-skinny long legs) wrapped around the toilet seat, me getting pushed off the table and into bottles of gray goose, another friend getting lured up to the rooftop, and an additional getting lost by themselves: all in all: I had an experience that will never be forgotten, along with everyone that attended.

So this year in planning, I am very behind schedule. One of my best friends is moving to Hawaii, coincidently on my birthday. Despite being happy/jealous of her spontaneous, and gallant move, I am DEVASTATED (thank you Lexi)!. On a happier, and much brighter note (considering it is pouring outside) Alden (blonde best friend) and I are already planning a trip to visit her this summer. Hellooooo sunshine! Long story short and with some miracle, I am hoping to plan a party within the next few days before Miss Lexi jets to Hawaii.

Yesterday was unbelievable. I have secretly been longing for a Celine bag, which Mauro was aware of. Although he promised me a Chanel for my graduation present (Mr perfect!), he surprised me with a beautiful black Celine. As if a Saint Laurent wallet and Manolo Blaniks, wasn’t enough for Christmas. He also took me on a shopping spree to Victorias secret, where he awkwardly joked that he “felt very out of place”.

As for Barmby (the dog that eats ice cream cones and pasta), he is adapting well to his new home. He sweetly needs lots of TLC, and is still on medication for his respiratory infection. His actually a spectacular Shih tzu (despite acting like a grumpy old man) who doesn’t bark, is potty trained, and very lively. Especially when he snores as loud as a human.