• Mercedes Benstock

Cannibal Cop

Today has been quite the week. Ranging from broken hearts to broken heels. Just as I thought this week could not get any worse.It did. Apparently getting to close to a construction site, including an open pot hole, can get you in trouble by a NYPD police officer. After I explained that I just thought it was really “cool” (a word I never use), and that I was a writer/blogger/whatever we want to refer me as, he let me off the hook.

My next task was getting to class on time. Having three finals in a row (spreadsheet applications, accounting, and CAD) leads me in desperation for a drink (that i wont be having, given that I have a direct marketing midterm tomorrow on chapters 1-8 of a textbook, that i don’t have).

The worst part about having all of these midterms is that after you think your done, your not. Next week i have an additional two and the following week is spring break. While i wish i could say i was flying out to Maui, to stay with my best friend Alexis, instead i will be busy with meetings, interviews, and working on upcoming things for Mercedes Chloe (get excited!!), while also saving for my ticket to Hawaii. Getting me on a 14 hour flight will be the hardest part.

Ever since I went on “Mission Space” in Disney world, 4 years ago, I have been terrified of flying. My seven year old brother (at the time) dragged me on the claustrophobic ride (that even contains motion sickness bags). All i really remember is not being able to breathe, walk or talk. I sat next to four kids ages 7-13 (one of which my lovely brother) and was breathing in and out of the sickness bag the entire time, until the ride was over. I then came off of the ride, positive that I was going to faint and made my brother walk on the other side of the exit (talk about compassion!). Luckily we both survived, he actually loved the ride, while I’m forever daunted by the entire experience!

Talking of NYPD cops, (former cop) Gilberto Valle, plotted to kidnap,kill and cook women. After 16 hours of deliberation a jury reached the verdict that the 28 year old was guilty on all charges. He kept files on more than 100 woman, and evidence included online communications in which prosecutors said he plotted to cook the women , judging whether or not his oven could fit her legs if he folded them. The cannibal cop also agreed to a payment of $5,000 to deliver a woman bound and alive, prosecutors stated.His wife was also one of his planned victims, that testified against him a trial. The Forest Hills resident who patrolled in Harlem faces life in prison. Former Attorney and prosecutor Michael Weinstock said “the game changer” in the case was when Valle was found using an illegal database to find information on potential victims. This in itself is a crime. “Today, a unanimous jury found that Gilberto Valle’s detailed and specific crimes were very real and that he was guilty as charged” said Bharara.

So while Gerald Butler forgets names, Lil Jon plans to host zumba classes, Russell Brand (and Mitch Winehouse) launch the Amy Winehouse Foundation Drugs Resilience program (In UK schools) and Selena Gomez is ready to say goodbye to Bieber, it seems like everything is doing a 180. Gomez’s new movie “Spring Breakers” clarifies that she is ready to move up and onward from her Disney days. “Disney is a machine, and I’m grateful for it, but I feel like being part of that environment made me crave the reaction from other projects even more. Creatively, this is where I wanted to go” Gomez tells the New York Times. The racy and impetuous film features Gomez and former “High School Musical “star (and friend), Vanessa Hudgens.