• Mercedes Benstock

Chrissie Teigan

A girl wearing nothing but stilettos is every mans dream come true, but replace girl with Sports Illustrated model Chrissie Teigan: and both men and women dreams have come true. She’s what women desire to be, and what men desire to have.

Although she’s no stranger to stripping down, she recently did a completely nude photo shoot for GQ magazine, posing seductively against a window pane, while modestly covering her breasts and wearing nothing but a beige pair of Marc Jacobs heels. If that’s not enough to make you swoon, you should probably check your testosterone levels.

So where exactly did Teigan come from? Aside from the obvious, the bikini model’s fame sparks from posing in the notorious Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, four years in a row. But don’t let her natural beauty fool you. She’s also one who’s well known for her voice, and controversial arguments on social media networks such as twitter and instagram.

Earlier this year she was given a red flag by instagram, for apparently posting a nude snap of herself while getting a spray tan. But Chrissie rushed to her defense telling GQ that it was her mother who took the picture. “What no one knows is that my mom took it! My mom frickin’ threw me under the bus!” she said while laughing.

She has also been involved with the very troubled Amanda Bynes, who ironically called the swimsuit model “old” and “ugly” in one of her twitter rants. But instead of biting back, Chrissie decided to sympathize for Amanda saying that you should “Support people with mental illness, yes. But don’t condone/enable scary and poor behavior.” Opting to end the bizarre feud.

But taking the high road with Bynes doesn’t quite mean she will take the high road with others. Teigen has no shame sharing her thoughts, and earlier this year blasted infamous Farrah Abraham for being photographed buying a pregnancy test. “Farrah abraham now thinks she is pregnant from her sex tape. in other news you’re a whore and everyone hates you whoops not other news sorry,’ Teigen tweeted.

She may look like an angel, but don’t let her minimal make up and natural wave, fool you for one.