• Mercedes Benstock

Christmas Eve

I always say that my life is like a movie. If you know me-you know that no matter what, there's never a dull day in my life. Despite planning to go home to Long Island for Christmas on Friday-Aspens daycare fiasco threw things off track. We decided to take an Uber home early Saturday morning (and by early I mean 5am, to avoid the LIRR rush). 

It was torrential out and our driver decided it would be a good idea to drive 70 mph down the expressway. We got home within 50 minutes and the rain continued to get worse. Fast forward to 6pm and suddenly theres a large bang followed by a blackout. Most of our neighbors have generators-so we were the only idiots sitting in the pitch black. Thank you Iphone flashlight. 

My mom still had some Christmas shopping to do, so we decided to leave Aspen (my son) and Clementine (my sister) with my grandparents who had flown over from the UK and head to Tj Max. After we were paying, we were about to walk out when a man suddenly ran out the store with stolen (or what was about to be stolen) coats/bags/clothes. All of the alarms went off and my mom and I just stood there (like two blondes) and gasped in shock.

It happened inches away from us and we couldn't believe what had just happened! The entire way home we were paranoid and then (of course) the drama didn't end there. We remained to have no power until 3am when it finally restored. New year- new luck? I hope so! 

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