• Mercedes Benstock


It’s no hidden secret that I’m a huge health and fitness advocate. I’m always on the lookout for something new and visit our local health store on a daily basis. 

One day I was scrolling through Instagram and came across a brand Crepini. I have a huuuge sweet tooth, so seeing these egg white thins that could be used in replacement for crepes, was instantly enticing. I walked over to our local health store expecting to find them with no luck.

So I decided to send a message to Crepini on Instagram and ask where they stocked. I received a response almost immediately, stating that they don’t sell in NYC yet and they were generous enough to send over some samples.  

The box arrived fully packed. If you peak at there Instagram there’s all sorts of ideas in edition to crepes. Pizza pockets, tacos, chips, hot dog buns- the list goes on and on. 

Aspen was even sold on the idea of a Crepini “pancake”.

So let’s talk nutrition. Each one has 45 calories, 1 gram of fat, 4 carbs and 4 grams of protein. As a mum whose always on the go ( and big on breakfast) these are perfect for the morning madness, experienced trying to get your child to school by 8.30 am. 

The taste? As great as expected. I’ll be honest, they’re pretty small. So if you’re making a dinner out of them, expect to make a couple. As for stocking in NYC I’ll certainly keep you posted. But in terms of taste and quality? these do not disappoint. 

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