• Mercedes Chloe

Crossing the line

“Crossing the line” – said by Mauro at 4.23 AM. This was forthcoming. It has taken me an entire three months to leave my beloved Manhattan, and see Mauros neck of the woods. Mainly because of being busy with school and work, but today was the day. I would take a one day ( and first time) vacation to New Jersey. Experience driving through the Lincoln tunnel, view Port Elizabeth, and meet Snooki! ( haha ok, clearly Im joking).

After walking around for a little, we quickly worked up an appetite, that led us to the Cheesecake factory. Apparently, getting a table at MASA was easier than getting a table at the Cheesecake Factory. So getting told that we would have a “twenty to thirty” minute wait, with a line out the door (In freezing cold weather) was just not cutting it. We walked away laughing, and headed to an easier solution: The food court. Ok, maybe not the healthiest solution, but we did laugh over a Wendy’s frosty.

After our (fattening) frosty “adventure”, we decided to see if Nordstrom had the new Chanel 104 “Rouge Allure” lipstick (that is absolutely STUNNING)!. Remarkably, they did. So I left the mall ten pounds fatter from Wendy’s, with a new Chanel lipstick.

As I am currently redecorating the master bedroom in my apartment (aka changing the bed sheets and duvet) our second adventure was to find decorative pillows. My new Johnathan Adler bed set is ravishing. Minus the fact that it didn’t come with the two chevon pink pillows shown. So after ABC carpets, Google, and Amazon failed me, we headed into a few furniture shops. This is where the real fun began, which included: Mauro pronouncing Duvet as Dubai, Mauro playing with the kids toys that he claimed “were all the toys he never had as a kid, all in one place” and lastly, Mauro gripping on to a yellow, rustic airplane (made for an 8 year old) and not letting go.

We finally found some light blue chevon pillows. Although they are not comparable to pink, they do the trick (for the mean time). Last but not least, we walked into Wegmans. A grocery store” notorious” for New Jersey residents (according to Mauro). It was gianomous and i was over whelemed at looking at everything. It ended up taking us an hour and a half to even check out (sorry Mauro!).

Overall our trip to New Jersey was fun. We did not bump into Snooki, see jwow boobs here there and everywhere, or bump into any “situations”.