• Mercedes Chloe

Dealing With A Nasty Neighbor

Alright, the critics have spoken and It was almost 50/50 when asking if I should stick to blogging meals or add in lifestyle. I’m partially insulted and partially flattered. To make everyone happy (including myself) I’m going to do a little of both. There’s never a dull day with me, and I swear it’s quite entertaining.

Let's start with how my neighbor (lets call him Tom) lived in my house before moving in with the woman next door in his late 60's. He installed a fish tank into the gate of our property as a window for his dog, and set color markers on our shared drive way on where I can park. His side/my side. Even better? He also added signs on a high horse (kid you not) declaring which parts are his property (three of them) and sent a lawyers letter that he was suing us within three weeks of moving in. But EVEN better than that, the couple then installed cameras pointing directly at our garden until I sent him privacy rules/regulations and laws. Now as for my other next door neighbors, they seem normal, and civil.

A few weeks after moving in, a man came to the door introducing himself and asking if Aspen had accidentally kicked a soccer ball into their yard. I said no, and that he only had one soccer ball (a Manchester United one which he's had since a baby!) and he told me that he noticed the net in our yard and that it's ok if he did. Again-I said it definitely wasn't our ball but he said we could keep the ball regardless as his little brother was older.

So yesterday I had just jumped out the shower, my hair was soaking wet and I had a black romper on just about covering my thighs, with big fluffy (and sparkly?) winter Ugg slippers that my mum had brought me for Christmas. I'm putting Fish Fingers and chips in the oven for Aspen, and the next thing I know he starts screaming that the neighbor had kicked his soccer ball into our tree. Now keep in mind this tree's a good 18 ft. I look up and theres a neon soccer ball at the top with the neighbor just staring at it. So I pop outside and tell him he can come and get it if he wants but I have no idea how. The next thing I know he's climbing the tree like Tarzan, I'm outside virtually half naked, ripping off the damn pimple patches I put on post shower, Bluebelle's going mad and Aspens hysterically laughing at the entire ordeal. 10 minutes later he retrieved the ball and formally introduced himself (this was the guys little brother who seemed to be in his mid-late 20's)

He then glances over to Aspens soccer net and notices his OTHER ball that his older brother had given us. I think he made a comment like oh nice ball..and I told him that his brother had knocked at our front door asking if Aspen had accidentally kicked it into their yard. I told him he could have it back but he kindly said that Aspen might as well keep it. Lesson learnt? Keep clothes on before going to bed, and keep an eye out for random cameras popping up facing your yard (or yellow soccer balls) hitting you on the head.