• Mercedes Benstock

Do we take ourselves to seriously?

All British sarcasm aside, I really do believe that if you take yourself to seriously, you forget to live.

I went to two high schools, one of which was Cold Spring Harbor. I was a cheerleader and on the swim team (a weird combination I know). I vividly remember we had two devastating and sudden losses within the same school year. One of which was an older girl also on the swim team.

Although the two of us were not friends, she was always really kind to me and a really strong team member. I remember once she had a tamagotchi and brought it on the bus when we were going to a swim meet. I was intrigued because: a) I hadn’t seen a tamagotchi since I was in England (and around the age of five) and b) she was on the varsity swim team, yet still engaging the younger girls (a rare occasion)

A few months later, she tragically passed away. Although I doubt showing me her tamagotchi really made an impact on her, it made a life long impact on me. She showed me that doing something so small, can mean something so big to someone else.

I also graphically remember that one of her favorite sayings was to “never take yourself to seriously”. I didn’t really link having a tamagotchi at 17, and seriousness together at the time, but now that I am older, I realize how right she was.

Lets think about it for a second: we all (or the majority) of us want to get through elementary school, then middle school, then high school, then college, and then a work day. We have a life of expectancies built for us the moment we are born. Naturally we want to meet those expectations with ease.

At the same time, we shouldn’t wish our life away. For example: when I was 7 I wanted to be 10, then it was 13, then 16, then 18, then 21..and now that I am finally 21, it has hit me that im actually 21 and in 9 years time I will be 30 (GASP!).

If your always looking forward to the future, you won’t enjoy the present. It’s also really important to not give a……dot dot dot……what other people think of you. Honestly as soon as I went to college, I really didn’t care what other people thought of me. In fact some of my closest friends thought I was a huge bitch for no apparent reason! It’s just interpretation. Unfortunately throughout your entire life you will be judged whether you like it or not. I wish I could say this ends at a certain age, but it most certainly does not. It continues throughout life.

Maybe it’s my NYC prone attitude, but at what point do we really start caring what we feel about ourselves, and forget others? Who knows you, better than you? My point exactly. Therefore if people don’t like me (for whatever reason) I really could not care less. In fact I think it’s a bigger reflection on them than me.

I’ve gotten to the point where im immune to those with hate, and I have actually never been happier in my life.

I have a great boyfriend (who secretly looks like Joshua Bowman), except he doesn’t think so. Two best friends (who I call my fellow blondes, despite Alexis being a brunette)! And many others who I can call acquaintances. Luckily I have two little sisters who I can teach the carefree attitude and lifestyle to.

Life is unpredictable and none of us know what will happen tomorrow. So the importance is to live for today. Don’t take yourself to seriously, do whatever you wish to do, and most importantly start to care about yourself, opposed to others. If someone tells you that you “can’t or won’t” do something, do exactly that.

As I always say the best revenge is happiness.