• Mercedes Chloe

downward facing dog ..pose

Registering for classes is like a marathon, no one wants an 8 am, a Friday class, or a bad schedule. Logging in the system to register this morning was like waiting at the start line. I was anxiously waiting to log in amongst classmates, almost convinced that the system was going to crash after continuously loading in slow motion. Luckily it didn’t and although I’m taking most online courses, I only have class on Tuesday. The brilliance behind this is because I get to work more on “Mercedes Chloe” (the line, not myself)! The closer London gets the more opportunities that are arising, which I’m really thrilled about (and cannot wait to share with you)! Despite those who told me blogging was “stupid” ( cough cough ex boyfriend) I beg ( and have proven)! To differ.

Talking of exes, lets talk about cheating. Most of the time when a man cheats, it gets taken all out on him (makes sense) but what about the girl he cheated on you with (that knew you had a boyfriend)? And what when he ends up dating the girl he cheated on you with after his “done” with you?

It’s actually disgusting and disgraceful to admit that two of my exes have actually done this. The funny thing is that the girls are stupid enough to think that it wont happen to them. If your boyfriend dumped a girl for you, what’s saying that he wont dump you for another girl? If he cheated on his ex, why wouldn’t he cheat on you? Theres absolutely no logical sense into it, yet for some reason it’s a trap that many girls fall into.

Its even worse when you find out that your ex’s girlfriend (who sent your ex a full frontal nude on his computer screen while I was in a “relationship” with him (publicly on Facebook) tries to friend request you. Im guessing the poor girl, didn’t know that I knew, and then of course later would go on to write about how not to send nudies, especially to other peoples boyfriends.

That being said, and on a much more ethical note Barnby is starting to get better. Yesterday it got so bad that he wasn’t eating, drinking or barely walking so Mauro rushed over (bless him) to take him to our veterinary hospital on Long Island. His now on a special diet, and medicine for several days to track and see if his condition improves. It’s hard because as he was adopted from North Shore Animal League, we aren’t exactly sure how old he is , although we guess that his around 7-9. Other than that Barnby has been nothing but a big (fluffy) bundle of joy.

So as the weather finally heats up here, of course it’s getting colder and rainier in the United Kingdom (just my luck)! Hopefully within the next two weeks, the weather will warm up, and I can finally put my winter sweaters and coats away! Far far away. Although I love snow, I do hate to feel cold, and would pick the Bahamas over the North pole in a quick second.

In hope of the warm weather, i’m also on mission to lighten up my diet, by banding Equal, diet coke and Starbucks (in moderation). I have this weird theory that artificial sweetener such as: Equal, Splenda, Sweet&low etc, not only effects your health internally but also externally.

For example, every time I have one of the above, it causes my skin to breakout. So i’ve now switched to having an all natural and zero calorie sugar (Truvia) in my coffee. Of course they say milk, ice cream, chocolate etc also makes skin bad so basically if your healthy on the inside, your skin should be healthy on the outside (It makes sense). I’m also trying to drag Mauro to some yoga classes to get us both ready for this warm weather, but as most yoga studios are downtown, i’m stuck on where to go! Im also scared that one of us will start laughing at one another, in attempt to hold tough positions like “downward facing dog”.