• Mercedes Chloe

Dying to be fashionable

The tragic suicide took place on her 22nd birthday, she was a beautiful and talented girl, with a life ahead of her. Although I did not know her personally, I have defiantly seen her on campus. A close friend of mine said that she sat next to Ashley in class last semester. “I’m so upset I almost threw up…I sat next to her and we used to talk”-Alexa LoCicero. As a community we were sent emails not to discuss the situation to any members of the media. RIP Ashley Anne Riggitano. My sincerest thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

The best thing one can do is honor life, keep humble and live your life as the best person that you can be. You can’t please everyone, and there will always be those that hate, but the best thing to do is not let them get to you. Having gone to a prestigious high school, followed by LIM, I can certainly admit to there being pressures. Even as early as 7th grade, it was about “who had what bag” or the newest label. It continued in high school and then onto college. Instead of being judged as a person, your judged by what bag you have or what label you’re wearing. It’s a very sad reality. Even in the article, they have to mention that her suicide note was found in her “Louis Vuitton” bag. For what purpose?

Men and Women go through torture to be accepted by fashion elitism, in this competitive field. Both inside and outside of college. Look at Alexander McQueen. His talent, and life lost, Over pressure. I think this is a wake up call for everyone in the fashion Industry, as well as those at LIM. Although it is a competitive field, we are all in it for the same goal; to succeed.

Our school might be a runway, but it is not intended to be a battlefield.