• Mercedes Benstock

Eating For Comfort

I won't even sugar coat it, the last few days (hence my silence) have been an absolute disaster in the diet department. I fell off track, stopped journaling/tracking what I was eating in the F-Factor App and yesterday..ate enough for the entire weekend. Usually when this used to happen, I would skip breakfast the next morning, and over exercise trying to compensate for all of the calories I consumed. It was a vicious (and unhealthy) cycle. Overeating for one day or even a few days, doesn't mean that you should deprive yourself the next. Treat each day as a fresh start.

Breakfast 8am

  • 1 glass of strawberry almond milk

  • 3/4 cup Smart Bran buds with 1/2 cup almond milk (heated up)

  • 1 large banana

Thoughts: Ate a really early breakfast this morning in anticipation to do a later workout. Usually my order of operations is: coffee, workout, and then breakfast- but I'm still trying to pin point what works for me and what doesn't. Logging this breakfast in the F-factor app brings my carbs up to 42g NET which means I have a lot of veggies to eat later. Trying to focus less on the clock/numbers and more on intuitive eating to see if that helps. ALSO: If you're adhering to a strict F-Factor step 1 - a serving of fiber cereal is 1/2 a cup and not 3/4.

Lunch 1PM

  • Salad with romaine, arugula, tomato, cucumber, avocado and tuna

  • 5 egg whites

Thoughts: Pleasantly surprised at how full I was after breakfast. Loaded up on a hearty salad for lunch.

Snack 4PM

  • F-factor smoothie with 1 tbsp Zenbasil seeds

Dinner 6PM

  • Joseph's LAVASH with Marmite (British spread topped with EBTB seasoning)

Thoughts: Slight diversion for dinner as you can see. To be perfectly honest my self esteem has been pretty low the past few days. Icing on the cake was my R&B jeans barely fitting this morning and serving as a reminder that I no longer have the metabolism I once did! #tbt.