• Mercedes Benstock

Epic Fail

Failing midterms is like spilling hot coffee all over yourself, and being slapped upside down in the head each and every semester. Whether you failed miserably or passed by the skin of your teeth, getting your official grade back is as anticipating, as knowing if you got accepted into your “dream school” back as a senior.

This post comes after my week of midterms, and weekend of results. Epic fail=epic understatement. They say the biggest success comes from our failures, but after studying nonstop, and spending approximately 12 hours in our school library (that might I add in, could have been spent writing, styling, shopping or exploring), I have no understanding of how having a big F in accounting can generate any success. Maybe it clarifies that I am a shopaholic who can memorize a designers collection head to toe, and not accounting statements.

So as trying on shoes, rearranging my closet (playing dress up in between), and getting new silk bed sheets failed to uplift my gloomy mood, I decided I needed my next favorite thing, ice cream.

Ever since the Bahamas I have been obsessed with mochi ice cream. Although that being said, I find it really hard to find In the city, but if you ever go to a Japanese restaurant and they have it on the menu you must order it! It’s really hard to explain exactly what mochi is, but at 16 handles yesterday I was shocked to see that they had little cubes of it as a topping.

Basically the form of mochi ice cream served in the Bahamas (my favorite) is a confection, made from pounded sticky rice (topped with powdered sugar and filled with ice cream)..ok it sounds totally gross and fatty, but I promise it’s delicious and low in calories!

So tomorrows St Patricks day and today was the pre St Patricks day. On my short trip to the apple store, I saw it all, from green bagels-leprechauns or better yet, drunk collage students tumbling around, dressed like leprechauns.

I don’t really get the entire point of dressing up like a lucky charm or a leprechaun, but for those who do, well..good for you. As the snow continues to come down, and I continue to clean out my closet ready for the spring, I am in serious looks of a liquor store that sells American Harvest. Which is vodka that tastes just like water, and in order to be a good hostess you have to learn how to make great drinks.

Although I have books on how to make good cocktails I am taking my interest to entertain, a step further by taking a Mixology 101 class at Hudson Terrace! Let the excitement begin!

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