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So It has been a laughing joke amongst everyone( except me) that last time I came to the United Kingdom, I somehow caught chicken pox and ended up in hospital. Now that measles are spreading around the UK, everyone’s saying I will probably catch the epidemic (just my luck). Determined not to catch anything, and go home healthy- I have somehow caught a stomach bug, just as I have a huge 60+ party to attend tomorrow (fantastic!). So while I am feeling sick to my stomach in bed, everyone else has gone out to eat. I had to skip out on the fun (this time) and have decided to write a little update after falling asleep for two hours late mid day.

So before my stomach was tossing and turning, we went to Milton Keynes shopping center, which is about an hour or so away. It was supposed to be just me and my mum, but somehow my three siblings ended up lingering along with us. My brother was the worst who just complained every second of every minute, that he didn’t want to go shopping. Yet when we told him he wasn’t coming, he was persistent and persuasive, that he would behave (his almost 11 year old) self.

As finals are creeping up, I’m starting to get more and more anxious on returning to school. I’m also excited to return to some warm weather. Although I can’t complain of it being that bad, as the sun has been out here. That was of course up until today, when the rain started-and is supposed to subsist up until Monday.

It wouldn’t quite feel like home without some lovely rain.

So now back to staying on point and on track. If your wondering what Milton Keynes is, it’s basically like a huge shopping center. As my grandparents live on the country side, where there is land (with sheep on them), and land (without sheep on them) all around, there is virtually nothing to do within a twenty mile radius. There isn’t even a Starbucks anywhere to be found (gasp). Or a coffee shop for that matter.

I always say that the culture in England is just so different from New York. The pace, the people, the fashion, the living-the everything. So locating a Starbucks in Milton Keynes, was like hitting the lottery (almost). I was so excited that I could finally have my favorite drink (post 7 day detox) that I ended up going their twice within our 4 hour shopping spree. There wasn’t even a line either time. Tea and Coffee (the sub-title) is so fitting-for both countries.

The fashion in England continues to progress, as I have spotted stripes, intricate prints, hues of every color (like fifty shades of pink), and scintillating sheer detailing. Although I may need to buy another suitcase to bring my new wardrobe home, I can’t say that I’m done shopping as we are heading back into London this weekend (and because of course I am a natural shopaholic).

With all that being said-I’m going back to bed in hope that I feel better for the party tomorrow. Keep posted!

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