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Equinox Studio Cycling Review

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

The first spin class I ever took was at 5.45 am about 3 months ago. I remember having no idea what to expect and anxiously walking into class. My Kelly Ripa looking instructor asked if anyone was new and I was the only one to raise there hand-guess a 545 am spin class is for the regulars.

Her response was something along the lines of "well oh ok" and she came over to explain the bikes to me. What the hell was a sprint shift, RPM or watts? and why was everyone clicking there shoes into place? within five minutes I had realized that I was absolutely ludicrous for taking my first spin class so early in the morning- within ten minutes I had realized that the class was bloody brilliant and that I would take the class on the regular. 

My endorphins were running and as soon as I walked out of there- signed up for another class the following Tuesday with a different instructor. Unlike my 545 am class-this one had open bikes -red flag number one. 

Regardless I started the ride optimistically (knowing what to do) but the vibe was completely different. Instead of sweating I was counting down the minutes until the class was over-the music was slow-the instructor was less than engaged and the workout dragged. So where does the class review come into play? all in all-I love the class-absolutely love it. But instructors? they make all the difference. 

I recently discovered rateyourburn.com which is a website to rate instructors on. Unfortunately the instructor that I loved (and the one that I didn't) were not on there for me to review-but I will certainly look into reading some reviews prior to taking new classes next time. If you're new to spin I would really recommend the class to newbies- you'll be hooked-I promise!