• Mercedes Benstock

Equinox True Barre

Wow wow and wow. I decided to celebrate my birthday by starting out with a True Barre class at equinox. I have never taken pure barre (issue #1 maybe?) but as everyone knows-was a huge pop physique advocate for 11 something months. 

I thought this class would be birthday bliss. Within 5 minutes I was out of breath and wondering what I had got myself into. You start the class by squatting followed by what feels like the longest plank of your life and push ups. 

The ab work seemed pretty intense to start off, so when it was time for weights I was relieved. 

Mid way through it’s time to get to the barre. I look at the clock and wonder how I’m going to survive another 1/2 hour but before I knew it we were doing a downward facing dog ready to cool down. So overall verdict? this was a full body workout. Did it feel like a long class in the beginning? yes. But the music was blasting and the instructor was pushing. I recommend!