• Mercedes Benstock

Equinox Yoga Review

Yesterday I attended an Equinox "Mommy & Me" event. Mommy & me as in drop your kid off at the play center and spend 60 minutes namastay-ing.

So i'm going to be honest, I had high hopes about this Equinox event. So much so that I spoke about it for the past 7 days (since receiving the invite). 

 I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet other mothers in the area. Yoga followed by free champagne? yes please! The verdict? extremeeeee disappointment. Not only were 18 yoga mats (maybe more)  empty but the event in itself was completely unorganized. A big no-no when your dishing out $250+ per month on membership.

I've also come to the conclusion that I have way to much energy for yoga. I was counting down the minutes until the class was over, similar to when I took my first pilates class.

Downward facing dog & Lotus position just doesn't do it for me. Spin class with some JT throwback playing? Much more me.