• Mercedes Benstock

Expect the Unexpected

My morning went something like: wake up, get dressed, take Barnby out, throw on some bronzer (where my brush then snapped in half)!, run to subway and make it on time to my meeting. Luckily I ended up half an hour early to my destination sneaking my flexible black flats away into my Evelyne, and pulling out my most recent purchase of heels.

New York has taught me to always expect, for the unexpected, and thats exactly what I did this morning, when I stared at my closet for 20 minutes (like a deer in headlights) deciding on what to wear. Being taught that it is always better to overdress, than underdress (in any given situation), black was my go-to color.

I ended up picking black velvet leggings, and a black turtle neck by Vertigo Paris. I also paired this simple, but elegant outfit with black heels (adding a touch of gold to the tip) with a (two finger) gold studded ring (completely out of my comfort zone)!, to soften the look up, I added two H white and black gold trimmed bangles.

Once I got to my college building, completely confused in which direction I was heading, (to get to the Institutional Advancement Office) I asked for directions. Well, then I was told that the office was on the 14th floor, and that sent my mind into thinking I had to walk up 14 flights of steps (In heels!). Luckily I made it to the third floor, before finding someone and asking if there was an elevator somewhere.

Well, of course after attending LIM for 3 whole years, not knowing that there was an elevator, there was. I finally made it to the office (heals, head and mind in tact) where I met with our (LIM college) social media manager, and the senior director of institutional advancement. The meeting went phenomenal and I’m really excited for what lyes ahead!

Like most matters, I will keep you guys waiting (building up all of that anticipation) before sharing exactly what I’m going to be doing, but what I can say is that I get to vlog (video blog) my trip to to London with a flip camera (curtsey of LIM) for my college blog. Lights Flights…camera…action!

Of course a bubbly blonde strolling down JFK airport with a flip camera, won’t catch anyones attention or anything (not) but during the probable gob-stopping looks exchanged, i’ll have the joy of sharing exactly what happens with my viewers, and fellow students at LIM college, (as well as my tough New Yorker back bone to stick up for myself-if need be)!.

After a great and opportunistic morning, I come home welcomed to 24 pink long stem roses sent from Mauro (for our 6 month anniversary). After thanking him profusely and enthusiastically sharing my morning, we decided to plan some fun adventures for the upcoming weekend. Stay posted!