• Mercedes Benstock

F-Factor day 4

Ever glimpsed in the mirror and looked totally hung over minus the enjoyment of actually drinking? If so-thats me today. A walking, talking ZOMBIE! I'm exhausted and my mind has been all over the place.

Jumping right into Day 4 on F-Factor. I worked out about an hour earlier than usual and started Breakfast at 9am. If you've been following my posts, you'll find that I'm easing myself into F-factor and eating/doing what feels best.

F-Factor Step 1 (Day 4)

Breakfast 9 AM

  • 0% Greek Yogurt

  • 3/4th cup all bran with almond milk

Thoughts: The recommended serving size of fiber cereal is 1/2 a cup on step 1 of F-Factor. After working out I was still hungry, so I allowed myself the extra 1/4th of a cup. Eat what works for you (within reason)!

Lunch 12PM

  • The most delicious salad to date (1/4th avocado, lettuce, arugula, tomato, tuna, and red onion topped with 2 tbsps light Olive Garden Dressing and red wine vinegar)

  • Palimini Pasta and carrots/peppers

Thoughts: This salad was UNREAL! A new favorite of mine. It also kept me full until snack.

Snack 3.15PM

  • F-Factor 20/20 smoothie

Thoughts: Honestly wasn't too hungry but skipping snacks always backfires for me. Also the smoothies are my favorite. I normally mix them with some Waldens farm 0 calorie syrup or Hershey's sugar free syrup to add some flavor.

Dinner 6PM

  • Yorkshire puddings (recipe can be found on my IG @thebritishblueberry!), baked chicken breast, mixed vegetables

  • side salad with 1 tbsp Olive Garden light dressing

Thoughts: I didn't have 2 servings of greek yogurt today so I'm going in for dessert! It's more cravings over hunger BUT recognizing that is the first step.

Dessert 640ish

  • SF Jello with 1 tbsp light coco whip (not a fan) & FF reg whipped (fan)

  • Lucky Lou's SF rice pudding. This was 7.2 carbs and 7.2 grams of sugar. A mindful indulgence as Tanya would say!

Overall thoughts for the day: I did really well until dessert and let me tell you, after eating the rice pudding I didn't feel good about it because It wasn't necessary. If I could backtrack I would have replaced my f-factor Yorkshire pudding with a carb.