• Mercedes Chloe

F-Factor Day 6

Is it bad that as soon as my 2 weeks are up on step 1 I'm treating myself to some Frozen yogurt!? (kiddie cup of course) I've also agreed to buy Aspen a puppy for his 6th birthday, and placed about 7 Amazon orders in 48 hours. Stir crazy is an understatement.

The past few days I haven't felt like myself. I've been super tired with very little motivation. This has lead to eating breakfast later, and almost non existent workouts.

F-Factor Step 1 (Day 5)

Breakfast 1030 AM

  • F-Factor fluffy egg white omelette (4) with mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach

  • Fage 0% yogurt

Thoughts: I decided to switch things up for breakfast this morning as I wasn't feeling my usual fiber 1/yogurt mix. I tried F-Factors "fluffy egg white omelette" but it turned out like a veggie pancake! In the future I would make this for dinner. As for the yogurt-lets just blame FOMO for that one.

Lunch 2.30PM

  • Carrots/Seaweed to munch on whilst prepping lunch

  • Roasted Brussels /Broccoli

  • Green salad with avocado, tomato, tuna, red onion, and cauliflower rice squeezed with lemon, Olive Garden light dressing, and 1tbsp of Nutritional Yeast (Entire salad not pictured)

Thoughts: I went overboard with portion size here but If you know me you know that I love my salads! I never feel guilty over indulging in veggies. Extremely full? yes. Guilty? No.

Snack 4ish

  • F-Factor 20/20 smoothie

  • SF Jello with FF whipped

Dinner & Dessert 530PM

  • Tumeros wrap with 2.5 oz of chicken breast, iceberg and 1 fat free American cheese slice

  • Dessert- 6 squares of Lily's Chocolate

Thoughts: I was honestly full from lunch but wanted to eat an early dinner with Aspen. BIG mistake. Eating my meals too close together lead to serious stomach pain, bloating and nausea! (which clearly didn't stop me from chocolate)

Overall thoughts: I really love how none of this feels like a diet, but going forward I need to have smaller portions for lunch. A little disappointed that I caved into dessert but I never want to feel "restricted".