• Mercedes Benstock

F-Factor Reset

The past week was spent indulging on way to much sugar (Enlightened frozen yogurt and HU chocolate to be exact), binge watching ozark, and stressing about anything and everything completely out of my control. Did I mention that I also went on an Amazon shopping spree? I decided now would be the perfect time to invest in a Roomba (Robotic vacuum) and Nespresso coffee machine.

I've avoided weighing myself like the plague and found it much more difficult to jump back on track this time around. I suspect the next few days will be the hardest, but now that all 5 pints of frozen yogurt are gone (since Friday) and I've vowed to have more self control in the supermarket (for the 50th time)... I think it's fair to say there will be less temptation laying around.

The biggest challenge, is knowing when to stop. I just eat more and more until I'm flopped on the couch like a puffy starfish (in pain). Recognizing hunger and fullness is something that I still struggle with. So with all of that said, today May 3rd, 2020 will mark Round 2 of my F-Factor Step 1 "reset".

Breakfast 950am

  • 1 cup Fage 0%

  • 30g Fiber One Cereal

  • 3/4th cup Blueberries

Thoughts: This is just an easy go-to breakfast for me. I prefer to have my serving of fruit in the morning, and like to save protein (such as eggs, chicken, salmon, tuna etc) for lunch. There's only so many ways to showcase Fiber One cereal with blueberries and yogurt - but I've been trying to switch it up by drizzling warm almond milk on the cereal and eating it with different fruit such as grapes or a banana. At first I was strict on sticking to berries as you get more "bang for your buck" as the RD's say at F-Factor but if I'm craving a banana, I'm going to eat a banana. I believe part of the reason I fell so far off track was feeling restricted and sticking to the same meals over and over. I started to feel guilty for eating a bite of Aspens apple or taking the odd spoonful of his yogurt. This backfired and lead to eating 1800 calories + per day and falling COMPLETELY off track for two weeks. Which brings me to my second goal of the week:


Lunch 1PM

  • 2 GG crackers with tuna and cucumber

  • 2 grilled veggie skewers

  • Mixed green salad with iceberg, arugula, cucumber, tomatoes and cauliflower rice topped with baslsamic vinegar (side of seaweed)

Thoughts: starting to realize the importance of GG crackers which have really grown on me! Lunch was huge as I also sampled my veggie lasagna made with Palimini (hearts of palm) sheets. I will probably go for a very light snack and dinner as I'm so full from all the veggies! Swipe to see photos of skewers and lasagna.

Dinner 5PM

  • A packet (yes an entire packet of Crepini Egg Thins with 1 tbsp Choc Zero maple syrup)

  • F-Factor 50/50 chocolate shake with 2 tbsp Hershey SF syrup

  • 2 oz Chicken breast

Thoughts: Dinner was a random concoction as anticipated but totally hit the spot. The Crepini egg thins were eaten like pancakes, and clearly the chocolate F-Factor shake fulfilled my sweet tooth for the night! As for the chicken breast-it was eaten a little bit later in the evening as I grilled some for Aspen. Overall I'm going to say that day 1 was a success. I feel satisfied, full and healthier already.