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F-Factor (Step 1 - day 3) Sunday Scaries

Once upon a time (when life was normal) I definitely found myself having "Sunday Scaries" Monday's are always super busy between meetings, metric reports, client calls -you get the point. So I started doing a little thing called "Self Care Sundays" which now more than ever is so important to continue. Whether thats meditating for 10 minutes, working out, painting your nails or throwing on a mud mask. It makes me feel so much better mentally.

Now I'm going to be honest, yesterday was quite a day in itself. I tried to record a Megan Roup sculpt society workout (longing to look like the models reposted on her story) and instead all I could see was my lack of dancing skills (despite being a dancer/cheerleader/gymnast during my adolescences) and the weight I have slowly but surely gained. I didn't feel like eating which lead to a late breakfast/lunch/snack combo (almost) all at once, skipping a snack ( F-Factor NO-NO), dinner and then over indulging in Greek Yogurt. Yes-Greek yogurt.

In a perfect scenario, I would pretend that all is handy-dandy and that this lifestyle shift is easy, but it's not and that's mainly because of me. I need to trust the process and stick to guidelines (which almost seem to good to be true). ALSO it was brought to my attention that your meals (carbs/protein sources) can vary as long as it's low carb and high fiber BUT if your goal is to jumpstart weight loss I would definitely adhere to a strict step 1 and (as mentioned in yesterdays post) Just stick to GG crackers, High fiber cereal, fruit and F-Factor bars/smoothies (3 times per day).

As I have a peanut allergy, I can't eat the F-Factor bars but my absolute favorite are Built Bars they taste like creamy Milky Ways and melt in your mouth. You can also warm them up in the microwave, put them in the freezer, or sprinkle some sea-salt on top. Also a bonus? The flavors. Ranging from Double Chocolate Moose (My favorite) , Raspberry Creme (these taste like Jelly Rings) , Orange Chocolate (reminds me of a Terry's Chocolate orange), Mint Brownie and Peanut Butter Brownie (if peanuts are your thing).

Today I'm trying to plan out meals to see if it's easier to stay on track. Although I loved incorporating fruit back into my diet (I've strictly avoided it for years!) I'm starting to wonder if I should omit, and stick to another carbohydrate allowed instead. All of this is about seeing what works best.

F-Factor Step 1 (Day 3)

Breakfast 945 AM

  • Banana marmite bites

  • Vanilla 20/20 F-Factor shake

Thoughts: I usually save my shakes for the afternoon but I was craving one this morning! For those of you that have no idea what Marmite is, it's a British spread.

Lunch 1PM

  • Large salad (lettuce, argula, cucumber, pepper, caulirice)

  • Red Salmon (canned) & 1/2 serving of Shrimp

  • Seaweed

Thoughts: I love a good crunch which is why I have been including so much seaweed into my meals. It's not bread but it does the trick.

Snack 3PM

  • Two good yogurt (slightly to much) with 1/2 cup Julians Bakery Progranola

  • SF jello

Thoughts: I'm still full from lunch but not going to make the same mistake as yesterday. Yogurt and granola instead. Important note: I didn't realize Two Good Yogurt wasn't Fat Free. A strict F-Factor rule: 0% Greek Yogurt.

Dinner 530PM

  • 4 Outer Aisle Cauliflower thins (oops..slight overkill!)

  • Mixed veggies & 5 scrambled egg whites

Thoughts: Typically 4 egg whites are one serving of protein, but I wanted to make sure I was fully satisfied (with no need to indulge in dessert for the third night in a row!).

So far I've remained full throughout the day. Whilst I don't feel restricted in any manner, there's certainly foods I miss. For example, before I started f-factor I would allow myself to have "healthy alternatives" (such as Smart Baking Co muffins, Greek yogurt cheesecakes, Lucky Lou's rice puddings-you get the gist) But I found that I was over eating these foods and constantly snacking rather than having nutritious and fulfilling meals.

I would skip breakfast, have a salad with goat cheese, add a pita (or two) for lunch and then fill up on "healthy-junk" food alternatives that never actually filled me up. Even when I "graduate" to step 2 of F-Factor, I will use caution when adding these foods back in to my diet (if at all) because they never made me feel good, and instead of satisfying my craving just lead to craving more and more!