• Mercedes Benstock

Friend Or Foe?

Walking to school in white, pink, and beige made me feel very Elle Woods and very not New York. Surrounded by dark colors (in boiling hot sun) made me stand out. I even got called “Malibu Barbie” (as an insult) which I smiled, thanked and walked away knowing that the guy who said it was just jealous that he couldnt wear pink frills and heels. Malibu Barbie and insult do not go together. Now that my little Elle Woods rant is over with, I have Fab news. I finally got the navy Chanel I have been dreaming of for three weeks straight. It’s arm candy for our school Fashion show, as well as Mauro whose being my +1 (what a trooper!).

As the weather is finally warming up, it’s tough to stay optomistic that it’s going to stay this way. Actually its confirmed that it won’t stay this way, given that the next few days include: rain, thunder, and 40 degree weather. I can call it my semi-preperation for England, along with my currently overflowing suitcase.

Yesterday was a sad day as legendary Margaret Thatcher passed away. The “Iron Lady” was a towering figure, in (British) 20th century politics. She died at 87 years of age, after suffering from a stroke. During her 11 years in power, she was worshiped as a modernizer who transformed the country. She also had a close relationship with President Ronald Regan in the Cold War. Current Prime Minister David Cameron stated “For many of us she was an inspiration, for others she was a force to be reckoned with. When people said Britian would not be great again, she proved them wrong.” In 1965 Thatcher said “In politics if you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.” The daughter of a grocer, will never be forgotten and forever remembered as proof that a women can break through the alleged “glass celing” woman face in society.

On a lighter note, lets talk about those fury Elmos and Cookie monsters we see passing through Times Square. They charge for pictures, and apparently get charged with crimes. Are these fury characters friends or foes? lets investigate.In Febuary a Spider Man was accused of punching a woman after she declined to tip him, a Super Mario was arrested after a woman claimed he groped her, an Elmo was taken into custody after ranting against jews and an additional Elmo was arrested in 2009 by reportedly aggresively harrasing and demanding tourists for money. Next time you think of bringing a little one up to the “friendly faced” character, remember your not in Disney, Univeral, or sitting at a live Seasmy Street show. These creepy impersonators have Foe stamped all over them!