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If my limits were not pushed yesterday, I’m not exactly sure what were. It was probably one of the most stressful days in my 21 years of living (which is saying an extreme something). Thankfully we are all ok now that the nightmare is semi over. Long story short, I was in Manhattan picking up a MacBook Air for my current mini me Intern (aka Trinity) whose going to help me in England by taking pictures of fashion, outfits and scenery etc.

After picking up the miniature macbook, I must have received a dozen of text messages that my mom was really really really sick in hospital and that I was being picked up in 15 minutes to go home. So then after running past all of the tourists posing in front of the apple store, all of the children waiting to bankrupt there parents in FAO, and running past everything else that seemed to be moving in slow motion. Finally I make it home, pack up as fast as possible (as well as packing up Barnby’s bed, pills and food) and sprint into the elevator, out of the elevator and hop into the car.

After my driver got lost for 43 minutes circling around LaGuardia (don’t ask) I finally made it to Long Island, ran into the hospital (which i have an extreme phobia about) and see my mom. Luckily she is doing a little bit better today, and she is no longer on oxygen, but learning that you can have a heart attack as young as 40 is very scary and it was very unexpected for each of us. After leaving the hospital, I had to switch out of being sad mode and turn into being “mom mode”. It started off by paying and driving our families house keeper to the train station (who had more diva demands than Mariah Carrey) picking up the kids from school, driving my brother to his friends house, and then occupying my two sisters. One of which is starting to get to that awkward tweenage attitude stage, and Poppy just loves to be poppy (singing, dancing, jumping and being hyperactive 24/7).

I can officially say I have a new respect for mothers, especially with multiple children. As Poppy is on a life support monitor (that alarms us when her heart or lungs stop in her sleep) my mom just wanted to come home to make sure that poppy was ok through the night. So she told the Doctors that she had to go home to look after her youngest daughter and is now at home recovering.

Today my “mom” mode has been replaced with driver mode as I wait around my brother, who expects me to drive him here there and everywhere! So far this week has been far from relaxing. I can’t wait to finally go away and semi relax, even though it says online that the weather in England is miserable and raining (typical!). Anyway hopefully the rest of my weekend will be a little bit better….I will keep you all updated, and thank you to everyone that was there for me yesterday.

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