• Mercedes Chloe


Geeky actor Jessie Heiman is without a doubt, the luckiest nerd in the world. After sixty-five takes, he finally got it down to kiss supermodel Bar Rafaeli in a new Superbowl commercial (for more than ten seconds). The cringe worthy commercial for “Go Daddy” can be seen tonight, and supposedly is supposed to illustrate “smart meets sexy”. After the full blown make out session, Heiman said he felt like he had won “the championship of men”.

So who exactly is this luckiest nerd in the world? Heiman is known in Hollywood for his “unique” appearances and has been an extra in many roles including American pie 2, Entourage and Spider Man. The Daily Mail quote that he is “known for his ugly looks and being an extra in so many Hollywood films his appearances had become an in-joke in the movie industry”

Bar Rafaeli on the other hand is Leonardio Di Caprios GORGEOUS ex and was voted the “hottest woman in the world” last year by Maxim magazine. Talk about from one extreme to the other! There will be two commercials shown, one of which that has a close up of the two kissing, and one, slightly more reserved.

Refaeli said to NBC yesterday that the kiss was ironically a dream come true for her, and not vice versa. She said: “It’s a funny thing because I have this very strange dream. I always wanted to go to a club filled with people, look around and choose the most unlikely guy that I will ever kiss or pay attention to and kiss him in front of everyone so he will be very happy. For me it was making my dream come true.”

I cannot even fathom how much they had to pay Leonardio Di Caprios ex, to do such a stunt for a domain commercial. And as for correlation, between nerd, supermodel and domain, I have no words.