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Guilty pleasure

We all have guilty pleasures. I happen to have two: McDonalds soft serve ice cream (don’t ask), and Revenge. I should probably add shopping to the list also, but given that shopping makes me happy,(until looking at my bank account) I wouldn’t quite say I feel guilty about it. Especially since I give all my old clothing to either my two little sisters (lucky things)! Or to charity.

So where to start. I promised myself this post would be about Nigella Lawson. If you don’t know who Nigella Lawson is (not to fret, I didn’t two days ago either) but there has been a lot of issues concerning her weight. When people ask me where i like living more (regarding NY or England) i always say that they are two completely different countries.

For example: In England we call an elevator a “lift” french fries “chips” and candy “sweets”. We also use pounds opposed to dollars, have a prime minister instead of a president, and so on. According to the Department for Trade and Industry, the average English woman is 5’4 and weighs 147 pounds. This is a drastic difference from the average New yorker. In 2010 there was even an article published by NY post writer Todd Venezia stating that studies show “skinny women make significantly more money than those who are of average weight or obese”.

So back to Nigella. Just in case you didn’t wikipedia who she is, i can sum her up in bullet points:

  1. Daughter of Nijel Lawson and Vannessa Salmon

  2. Graduated from Oxford

  3. Known as: “The queen of food porn”

So before any assumptions start, lets straighten out a few things. Nigella is now 53 years of age, a best selling author, broadcaster, and entrepreneur. She has no training in the kitchen, and is simply known and loved in the United Kingdom for her flirtatious manner of presenting. Although i do think it is a little odd that she is known as “The queen of food porn” and has a cooking show despite not being a trained chef or cook, I do respect her carefree attitude.

So where does weight come into the equation? According to page six, the Food Network refused to show Nigella bellow the waist in her 2008 TV show by “deflecting viewer vision”. Apparently they thought she was to heavy to attract an audience. Meanwhile in England, instead of her tongue, cleavage, and eyes being admired (and only shown), she was admired head to toe by men, and women.

The irony and inspiration towards this post is that, she is not even remotely overweight or “too fat”. Nigella reacts to allegations saying: ‘I think it is a fear of flesh, maybe of vulnerability and softness.’ Is that ultimately a fear of sex? ‘I don’t know. But I do think that women who spend all their lives on a diet probably have a miserable sex life: if your body is the enemy, how can you relax and take pleasure? Everything is about control, rather than relaxing, about holding everything in.’ I could probably continue for about an hour writing at how beautiful she is at 53 years of age, but i am more impressed by her confidence and ability to stick up for her self.

So back to reality: The day started at 6 am with Starbucks, an 8 am “style shoot”a 9 am manicure, a 9:40 repeat Starbucks and a 14 degree day, never forgotten. Mauro came up with the idea to start posting my personal style on here. So after two Vente coffees, and the energy to actually remove myself from bed, we decided to take some pictures. We then got his and hers manicures, and found a McDonald’s to get much needed ice cream cones (given that we are both sick). After waiting in line for 15 minutes, we finally get to the counter when the women then decides to gives us the “heads up” that the ice cream machine is not working. With much disappointment, I then suggested we go to 40 carrots. So while wondering through Bloomingdale’s, and making pit stops at Chanel and Herve Leger, we then headed to the 7th floor to find out the flavor of the day was coffee. Fail.

Finally an hour later, we agreed to go to Serafina where we both indulged in Minestrone soup, salad, pizza and pasta. After consuming around 80,000 calories between the two of us, I suggested we walk to the tram to burn off some much needed calories. It seemed like a good idea at the time, until we finally got there, and then realized that the tram was closed for renovations.

So we start to walk and suddenly realize that we are in a gated area that leads you onto the Queens Borough bridge. After Mauro points out our mistake, I said that we are going to walk it and get a taxi once we get to the other side (as it seemed closer than actually getting the subway) he then started asking me if I was aware at how long the bridge was, and after getting about 1/4th of the way across, we decide to head back.

When we finally reached the gated area, Mauro got surrounded by 2000 pigeons (unbeknown to him i had brought dessert to surprise him with once we back to my apartment). Apparently pigeons like eclairs because they started chasing him as he started running… while insisting I had to actually hop a fence/ climb a fence to get away from the horrible birds. So while i was hysterically laughing/climbing/ half petrified, we finally got to safety and walked about 7 block before finally finding an open taxi.

We finally headed back to my apartment and laughed that we couldn’t make up half the things that happen to us… even if we tried.

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