• Mercedes Chloe

H is for..HORRID!

..and so i thought the only H’s in my life would be Henri Bendel or Harry Winston..WRONG! H is for horrid. And Häagen-Dazs. Break ups are horrible. First things first your angry, then upset, then spiteful then more upset, more angry and more spiteful! At least that is the way i work. I have been avoiding blogging for some unknown reason. Maybe it was the (x) boy, the school, or just the laziness but here i am back in action. I will never understand those who are friends with there ex boyfriends. I can tell you one thing, all it causes is..trouble trouble and more trouble (okay three things). Unless he is the first love of your life or someone you would get back with i really just do not see the point. Being on good terms? yes. Being best friends? no. Every valentines day i seem to get hit by cupid. Literally. Hit. Last valentines day the boy i was seeing said that “we just wouldn’t work” because he was in the mind set that we wouldn’t. My only roses where from my father, followed by a 24 pack of diet coke and 3 tubs of Häagen-Dazs delivered by fresh direct from my mom ( who felt sorry for me). This valentines day i set up a perfect dinner, decorations presents for my boyfriend who i didn’t end up seeing, and came two days later (the 16th of February) empty handed. No card, no roses, no chocolates. Stupid me had cooked, lit candles AND brought him presents, only to be dumped the next morning.

Anyway enough for the irelevents. School. Oh how lovely it is to be back at college and how unlovely it is to sit and take tests and then stress about them (before, and after they occur). Tests and boyfriends are so alike. See first you study, figure out unknown answers, then you “take” the test and then after all you end up with is everything that is utterly wrong. You end up with a test score that you know you could have done much better on if you would have “studied” more.

“Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth.” -Chuck Norris