• Mercedes Chloe

Half & Half

Yesterday was the first day in 836 days that I didn't track a single calorie. I decided to reward myself by skipping the scale (Weighing in daily never does any good..) and treating myself to a cappuccino, with 2tbsps FF Half & Half instead of almond milk. I'm not even a half and half type girl, but I needed to test the waters with my new Nespresso machine to see if it made a more frothy cappuccino. Verdict? Not a major difference and a waste of 3 (whole) carbs.

Since quarantine, I've been loving Peloton spin classes and The Sculpt Society app but decided to reincorporate Melissa Wood Health workouts to see if I can finally get an AB or two. I still have all 3 apps, but I don't see a change in any part of my body. When Aspen was 1-2 years old I never worked out, ate like crap and still had definition that is now no where to be seen. As much as I want ABS, I haven't caved to starting the "Chloe Ting challenge" that my 2 teenage sisters are doing daily and introduced me too, or downloading the SWEAT app again which brings me back to BURPEE nightmares. But with that all said, it's important that I find a new routine given that there's no CAMP this summer or KIDS CLUB at Equinox which I'm PISSED about...especially when I'm paying $200+ a month for membership.

For Breakfast I was craving veggies but knew I would have FOMO if I stuck to a plain omelette. I decided to nibble on mushrooms/tomatoes while making F-Factor waffles

Breakfast 845am

  • F-Factor waffles with 1 tbsp of Choczero maple syrup

  • Tomatoes and mushrooms (sautéed)

Thoughts: I definitely regret "spending" 3 carbs on half and half. Won't be making that mistake again. Breakfast was delicious and I'm hoping that it keeps me full into the afternoon like yesterday.

Lunch 2pm

  • Italian pasta salad made with: Zoodles, iceberg, arugula, tomatoes, carrots, red pepper and tuna. Topped with 3 TBSP FF Italian dressing and 1 tbsp parmesan.

  • Seaweed on the side

Thoughts: The good news is that breakfast kept me full for 5+ hours. The bad news is that whenever I go this long between meals I always binge. The salad was so delicious that I went in for seconds...

Snack 4pm

  • Fage 0% yogurt

Dinner 530pm

  • Savory Crepini Egg thins with burnt green beans and Truffle cauliflower

  • F-Factor smoothie

Thoughts: Dinner was a little bit of everything thrown together. The green beans were so delicious and definitely a new favorite!