• Mercedes Benstock


Updated: Apr 12

“Does this shirt make me look like a pumpkin?” was the first full sentence that came out of my (very) sick and (barely-there) voice this morning to Mauro. As I wasn’t dressing up for Halloween (before the devastation of Sandy)from the get-go, and had a discussion with one of my best friends about this matter, she asked me “Where is your Halloween spirit!?” So I replied with an obnoxious response “I’m to old for Halloween”. But then I started to think, no one is actually to old for Halloween. So while getting dressed this morning, I decided to wear an orange, pleated turtle neck that a) drains my color out completely and b) makes me look like a pumpkin. So Halloween costume for 2012? An unofficial pumpkin.

Hoping that Manhattan is open today, Mauro and I are venturing out as we both have “cabin fever”. So then I started to wonder why people argue in general (not that we were arguing). I came up with a solution, people argue when they are together for a long time, in a confined space, with nothing to do..just because there is nothing to do. Except argue. In the real world when you think about it and narrow it down, the longest couples are together is the weekend and after work. So that is my solution to why couples argue.

So with college being closed, work being closed, and subways/public transportation (aka NYC being closed) there is very limited things to do.

My things to do list has consisted of: Eating frozen Rolos, taking Tylenol cold, Drinking white wine, watching revenge, and attempting to watch 666 Park Avenue. Mauro wouldn’t settle for Gossip Girl.

Stay safe everyone, and my prayers and thoughts go out to everyone who suffered loss through Sandy.