• Mercedes Benstock

Halloween In NYC

Don't ask how I got to 26 without ever Trick or Treating in NYC. Growing up on the North Shore my school days consisted of house parties (typically dressed as a house bunny)  and knocking door to door to see who was giving out the big bars of chocolate. 

We decided to take Aspen Trick or Treating in the UES after many recommendations. The top streets were apparently 76th & 78th street between Park & Lex. 

I'll be honest, Dan and I had no idea what to expect. I brought two bags of  twizzlers the weekend before halloween, naively expecting to have left overs. Within 15 minutes all of the candy was gone. 

I scrambled the cabinets to throw dumdums, Frankenstein peeps and homemade chocolate pretzel rods in the basket. We couldn't be the house with the empty basket outside. Especially our first year living in the building. Bad, bad look.


Once Dan was finally home we ventured out. We were both shocked at the crowds, and the wicked energy. Homeowners were sitting outside there townhouses drinking and handing out candy in costumes. We even passed a townhouse that was open to the public as a huge haunted house. The line was about three blocks long with photographers, a pianist and actors. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures:

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