• Mercedes Chloe


“Delete that picture, I look heinous!” After saying that to Alexis and googling the word heinous, I then find out that (according to dictionary.com) its primary meaning is: “hateful, odious, abominable”. Wrong Wrong and Wrong. I meant hideous. Apparently my mind is hungover from last night’s mishap thinking that it would be a good idea to drink 21 shots between three people. Much easier said than done.

When plans to go to Catch, Lavo and the Ganservoort drastically altered to : chatting, singing, and being absolutely outrageous (due to a total of 14/21 shots) in my apartment, we seemed to laugh the night off along with recuperation and hydration.

This morning started by waking up at 5:40 am. I immediately kicked into diva mode declaring Starbucks, a bagel, a bubble bath and most importantly: excedrin for my pounding head. After Alexis and Alden reassured me that “everything happens for a reason” we preserved our energy for brunch mimosas.

After dealing with my antics last night, Mauro surprised me with Chanel and Crumbs. An interesting combination given that wearing the beautiful #104 passion lipstick with the new 2013 Le Vernis nail polish makes me feel much to proper to desecrate a cupcake, or two.

Given that there is two more days until my actual birthday, I plan on having a semi relaxing day tomorrow. Excluding obstreperous behavior, and delicious cupcakes.

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