• Mercedes Benstock

Hello 2020

How is it possibly a new decade? and how on earth am I thirteen (entire) days late to write about it? The past few months have been quite adventurous to say the least. 2019 was a huge year of change.

I changed my career (from real estate to social media marketing), moved out of the city (back to my original stomping grounds) and to make a very long story short - my love life didn't quite work out as anticipated.

So here we are, almost two weeks into 2020.

What does it feel like? Well it feels exactly like 2019 except without the baggage. I'm starting an entirely new chapter of my life which I couldn't be more excited for. Last week I even decided to take the plunge on something I have always wanted to do/try, and create a YouTube Chanel.

On January 10th, I published my first video. It was a little over 3 minutes. I had just walked in from Equinox, propped my iPhone 8 up on my bedside table, and hit the record button (make up free). When I watched it, I was so awkward. I looked like an owl with bad skin. Looking every where but the camera, loosing my train of thought, and as I said (and emphasize) naturally awkward. To add to the equation, I had no idea how to edit. I started to watch videos on Youtube to learn how to edit. Honestly? This video was beyond hope. No filter in the world could mask me - but for once? I was ok with that.

The aim is to continue creating content, and to feel comfortable with discomfort. These days, I feel that people would rather put a face or voice to words, than take the time to read blog posts.

Thats it for now-and stay tuned for some videos on here!