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Highline Wellness

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

I’ve always been the first to judge with CBD and believe in more “natural” ways to cure stress, like downward facing dog at 5 am in the morning.

A few months ago I noticed that CBD gummies were being sold in my natural habitat (the health store) and handed them over to Dan to try. There was something enticing about bright colored gummy bears with duel benefits, but I was still skeptical.

To paint an even clearer picture, I was convinced that CBD contained weed and I would end up like the kid in Matilda stuffing his face with chocolate cake.

I decided to research CBD, brands and case studies verifying cannabidiol was safe to try. After all, it comes from a plant and has been promoted by doctors around the globe to reduce pain, inflammation and anxiety.

I came across Highline wellness through Instagram. Intrigued to learn more, I scrolled through photos and hopped onto their website to gain a clearer understanding of phytocannabinoid, before giving it a go.

Ironically the products arrived the night that I tried acupuncture. I was feeling “zen” and decided tonight was the night.

I tossed the gummy bears over to Dan to try. I could instantly tell by his face that he was about to ask for more (and he did). Luckily Dans the one in our relationship that likes the yellow and green gummies, so it didn’t take much convincing. He said they tasted like real gummy bears and assured me that I wouldn’t end up stuffing my face with chocolate cake.

At that point, it didn’t take much convincing. I decided to try a blue chew with a dose of the mint drops. I didn’t feel drowsy, hungry or out of it. The CBD drops had a refreshing but mild mint taste, perfect to take before bed.

Spend or skip? This brands a spend!