• Mercedes Benstock

How about we…

So I guess you can say that last week was utterly terrible from start to finish. Between midterms, getting in a car accident, and learning of the passing of an old classmate and friends, from my days at Cold Spring Harbor High School. A friend who was a brief (childhood) boyfriend, my first kiss at our middle school dance, and the guy that made everyone laugh.

Death is something that truly terrifies me, yet of course can’t be avoided. The truth is that none of us know when we are going to die, or when anyones going to die. We live a life full of expectation instead of living for the day, and push the thought of dying, into the very back of our heads. While the right words are still scrambling around in my head knowing what to say, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone else who grew up with zak and to all of his friends and family.

So on a little bit of a lighter note, (and completely different note) today I have had time to catch up on some school work and focus on things that matter, while the heat bolted up to 90 degrees I tanned for a little bit, then went back to working on my 1920s economic homework (fun I know). Then of course somewhere in between the mix, I got distracted and decided to download some new apps. Given that I frequently go on Guest Of A Guest, I’ve noticed this new advertisement that keeps popping up. It’s a social media application called “How about we..” Which is a dating application for singles.

The point of the application is to post dates, and press “Im intrigued” if your intrigued (the obvious) in someone or some date that someone posts. So I decided to make a profile for the hell of it, to see what the fuss and hype was all about. While I don’t believe in online dating (I believe in fate), nor do I ever want to say I met my future hubby on match.com or something of the like, what I can say is that the experience has been quite entertaining so far, as well as an interesting experiment .

So let me explain more into detail

1st) For the CLEAR clarification, I would never actually go on a date that someone asked me to online…unless I knew them through a friend or was introduced to them first (common sense/safety people)!. 2nd) If they are over 35 and single, there is probably a reason 3rd) I had a 39 year old, ask me on a date at 10:30 pm tonight (he had a turtle in his profile picture and looked like he was balding-no thank you ) 4th) If you actually use “how about we”and you’re considering going on a date with someone, I would do some research first to see if they are a legitimate person. 5th) Google tells you a lot about someone 6th) I have to admit it’s a little bit of an ego boost when you get messages or asked on dates (so if you need a boost of confidence you have nothing to loose)! 7th) The app also asks you questions, like what would you do if you won the lottery tomorrow, your life history in five sentences, and your first concert (talk about reminisce…I think mine was Madonna)! 8th) Another hint, if they ask you to a date over 10 pm…just don’t go 9th) If your into the whole social media (non serendipity type love..) Dating then I would suggest going with a friend before you show up somewhere, and maybe wear sunglasses just incase he ends up being 20 years older than his profile picture, or looking like Ms Doubtfire. 10th) Overall: It does seem to be an OK application, its fun but of course not free. You have to pay almost $30 a month to be able to read messages, or $100 a year.

What happened to just meeting someone? Are we honestly so socially incompetent that we can’t meet someone without an application or a website? The way I look at it is that there is a plan for everyone, someone out there for everyone, and that whatever is meant to be will be.

So long story short, stop overanalyzing everything wrong you did with the last guy, stop talking about him or asking your friends what you possibly could have done wrong. It’s not you, and there are thousands of reasons why he never called along with thousands of other people out there. If you haven’t heard from someone 3-4 days after your date then: he’s just not that into you. He didn’t loose your number, his phone or his senses.

There are honestly so many rules about the do’s and dont’s of dating, that google can overwhelm you with countless results. At the end of the day “dating” is just a game that everyone plays.