• Mercedes Chloe


After sleeping almost 8/10th of the day away yesterday, and living off of a diet of: movies, cereal, and pain meds, I can finally say I am ready for fresh air. Kind of. As I still have a while until I go back to school, I will be spending a week at home post recovery, and post Mauro returning to New Jersey. So anyway yesterday was most boring, balancing the dog (Barnaby), pain, and forcing Mauro to watch Pretty Women.

On a more exciting note, I turn 21 in sixteen days! Since i was thirteen years old i have been looking forward to the day where i can finally buy a bottle of vodka (yuck), walk into a club without being asked why i don’t look 5’10 (not that i usually do), and go to Vegas. Now that the time is actually a few weeks away, i can boastfully say that none of the above is happening. For example: I started going to clubs when i was 15 years old, i’ve had access to Vodka whenever, and as for Vegas, i chose a much better birthday present from my parents.

Usually i turn my apartment upside down into a party feast, but this year is different. I have a boyfriend that loves and cares about me (all good things take time), im finally comfortable in my own skin, and have great TRUE friends (that are hard to find).

So this years 21st birthday celebration is going to be a little more mellow. Whether it includes dancing on tables at the Ganservort (joke), cooking dinner at the apartment (as if i can cook), or martinis at Boom Boom Room.