• Mercedes Benstock

Outgrowing NYC

Updated: Feb 17

I never thought the day or time would come where I outgrew Manhattan, but it definitely did. The older Aspen became, the harder it was being confined to a NYC size apartment. He needed more space, I needed more space, and the time was right for a house in the suburbs.

On 2/2/20 we finally moved into our new house. It reminds me of the Honeysuckle Cottage in the film "The Holiday". It's very English, with fireplaces, wood floors, and radiators throughout. Jude Law wasn't included - but British Humor aside, it's absolutely perfect.

I've always had "Modern" taste-but this house has a very different vibe, which I instantly fell in love with. I spent most nights on Pinterest getting design ideas and realized that the smallest tweaks can have the biggest impact.

Here are some of my favorite finds:

Whilst loving the color white, I also realize how unrealistic it is with a five-year-old little boy who loves art (and mischief). I'm tackling one room at a time, starting with my bedroom.

As the walls were already a translucent blue, I decided to leave them as-is and add depth with navy blue furniture. I found a Safaveih medallion rug that had hues of gray, cream and Navy.

The next order of operations was to give the room some character, by decorating the mantel.

Much like my closet, I believe in pairing high and low. So I purchased some mediocre (make-shift) frames and went through all of my fashion books, cutting out photos with tones of blue. In the long run, these will be replaced with art - but for a quick fix, something like this totally works.

Here are some photo's I used that inspired my mantel decor:

As you can see, it's important to add height. I'm definitely on the lookout for some candle holders, but more into the layered photo frames/art than a decorative mirror as pictured above. Flowers could also work, but rather than greenery, I would go for something more subtle like white tulips or peonies.