• Mercedes Benstock

I Stopped Counting Calories For A Week And Here's What Happened..

A-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y nothing. I didn't gain an ounce or lose an ounce which I'm partially pissed about because I've been eating the "F-Factor" way. Always under 36 net carb but not exactly a "strict" step 1 meaning I've been adding bits and pieces in to fit my lifestyle. I'm starting to think my body has a happy weight that I'm just not happy with. In more scientific words a "set point". The set-point theory is an adult weight at which your body works best.

As of about now (and my new theory) My happy weight is about 5lbs less than my set-point. Yes I went from eating a relatively healthy-ish diet before F-Factor, but I was adding in things like Smart-muffins, frozen yogurt, and lots of unneeded carbs. This week I've really focused on eating an unlimited amount of non-starchy vegetables and having enough protein at every meal.

It’s definitely freeing to not calculate or log every calorie consumed. I’ve been able to eat a little bit more “intuitively” and really recognize when I’m full. For the first time (in what feels like forever) I actually threw some food away at meals when I was full, rather than feeling I had to lick the plate clean. If you read my post a few days ago, you’ll understand why that’s a huge milestone!

When you go through residential treatment or hospital treatment for an Eating disorder, you’re forced to eat everything within a certain time frame while being monitored around the clock. Even after 10+ years, it’s left quite a scar. Now while I understand some people NEED to count calories, and always emphasize that you should do whatever works best for you - I also believe it’s important to have food freedom, and not be a slave to Myfitnesspal (like I was!). Even if you try a few days, just tracking in the F-Factor app. See how you feel, and how it works.