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Ivanka Trump

If I could pick my favorite entrepreneur, it would unquestionably be Ivanka Trump. While some say her success stems from her father, I beg to differ. Ivanka Trump is not only an entrepreneur, but she is also a style icon and businesswoman worldwide. Unlike some who live with a famous last name and few accomplishments, Ivanka Trump works hard to prove herself, her success, and her individuality.

Having graduated “summa cum laude” from the prestigious Wharton School Of Business at the University Of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in economics, it is abundantly clear that Ivanka trump takes her education and career seriously. Aside from being a high level executive in her fathers (Donald Trumps) real estate empire, she also heads her own boutique on Madison Avenue and sells accessories around the world in top fashion capitals such as: London, Paris, and Milan. The Ivanka Trump Lifestyle collection includes: fine jewelry, footwear, handbags, outwear, eyewear and a newly released fragrance.

If you ask me, her vision to be seen as an individual, opposed to being seen as “Donald Trumps daughter” has been well achieved. Donald Trump raised his children to be competitive and always told Ivanka and her two brothers “working hard never goes out of style”.

“My upbringing has prepared me for a challenging career that requires ambition, a strong work ethic and determination. I wake up every day with a focused, organized plan to meet all my professional, personal and lifestyle goals—that is the invaluable lesson my parents taught my brothers and me.”

In her best selling book: The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life she writes “The message I put out to people who are prepared to write me off before even meeting with me: Get over it. I still had to run the distance. I still had to go to school, learn the basics, develop my own style, make and support my own decisions, and on and on.”

From reading her book, it seems as though she feels her hard work goes unnoticed, especially in the fashion business or those who just classify her as Donald Trumps daughter. She wants others to know that she went through every struggle that a rival entrepreneur might have encounted, to get to where she is today. She climbed herself up, opposed to jumping the ladder and taking the easy way out, or into success.

As Ivanka is also the executive vice president of development & acquisitions for the Trump Organization, she is in charge with domestic and global expansion for the Trump Organizations real estate interests. Which means that she has to fly all over the world and predict what people want in order to expand. Her qualities and skills to be able to multitask, and balance two companies at once, demonstrate her true leadership and entrepreneur qualities.

She commonly makes public appearances, in order to promoter her brand. Despite being four months pregnant, earlier this month she happily greeted guests at Lord and Taylor In New York City, to debut her new, and first perfume. Her dedication, and determination to make her brand succeed is admirable, and so far her brand has sky rocketed when looking from where she once was to where she is. She also views those who take her less seriously as an advantage. In 2010 she interviewed with Forbes magazine, and said “If somebody has a meeting with Donald Trump, they will come in fully armed, whereas if they have a meeting with me, they are less likely to be prepared. “That’s an advantage for me”

Her optimistic outlook on both life and business has never failed to impress me. This is why Ivanka Trump has been my favorite entrepreneur ever since I first learnt about her in an October issue of Harpers Bazaar in 2007. In 2009 the 27 year old married businessman Jared Kushner, who is also very successful, as the owner of The New York Observer, and co owner of Kushner properties that he shares with his father. In 2009 the couple had their first child named Arabella Rose.

A few weeks ago on May 10th, Ivanka trump discussed juggling family with her fashion empire and how she will handle her second child. Speaking to Daily Mail, she told editor Sara Nathan, that she hates the title “working mom” because she believes that every woman is a working mother “By definition”. I believe that Ivanka Trump is a role model for all women. An example that women can be as successful as men, and break through the alleged “glass ceiling”. Balancing a family, fame and her own fortune, (due to her hard work and dedication) Ivanka Trump will always be my favorite entrepreneur and role model.

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