• Mercedes Benstock

Joan rivers.

For 78 years old, Joan Rivers looks phenomenal. If you ask me, she looks younger now than she does when she was in her mid 30’s. So did she just get lucky with not looking like a plastic cat women? (i wont mention names) Plastic surgery can either go horribly wrong, or drastically right. So would you risk it? Ever since the movie Awake starting Jessica Alba and Hayden Christensen was released, i have been absolutely timorous of surgery..and anesthesia.

Every risk possible, i have frantically analyzed. I won’t even get my wisdom teeth pulled, because i’m afraid that i will wake up during the procedure or even worse, that i wont wake up after the procedure! So how do people do it? How do people risk there lives in order to feel beautiful!? i’m still sitting in awe trying to figure out this (not so simple) answer.

Anyway enough on plastic surgery and back to reality. Apparently NYC has had a weather malfunction and the very anticipated and overdue snow forecast, is indeed rain. The only good part of rain is getting to wear my Gucci rain boots (i kid you not). Other than that it’s a big dangerous, umbrellas flying inside out, outfit ruin-er muddy mess. Especially when your walking the streets of Manhattan. Instead of walking in and out of tourists looking up (at the buildings) and not where there walking, your focused on dodging umbrellas. Mainly advertisements for hotels, or companies.

In fact umbrellas can speak wonders about a New Yorker. If you have a Henri Bendel umbrella, your prepared. If you have an ugly black flimsy umbrella (that flips inside out every 5 minutes) your hopeless. Congratulations on just waisting $25 at a vendor who lures people in (with rain). If you have a hotel umbrella your probably a tourist or maybe just a creep who steels umbrellas, and lastly if you have a bright pink umbrella with yellow spots that folds into your bag and reads tool: your name is Mercedes Chloe.

Usually i wouldn’t be spotted dead presenting such an obnoxious umbrella to the world, but the truth is when a head of blonde is underneath you stop caring. The smirks, sneers and simpers all have the same meaning to me: sod all. If you love me, congratulations. If you hate me, congratulations. And if you think i shouldn’t be blogging and laugh at everything i have to say/write once again..congratulations!

Kelly Cutrone was the start to my nonchalant attitude, as well as songs like “look at me now” and “walking on a dream”. I’ve learnt that 70% of people take me way to seriously, i’m fluent in sarcasm and unless your someone i love (which i doubt) i really don’t care your opinion, outlook or outtake on me.