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Juice Cleanse

Updated: Apr 12

When first looking into companies that offer juice cleanses, I was sure to look up reviews and ratings before jumping into one. While I have heard that they are good for you, Laura Argintar a writer from refinery29 confirms that the “jury is still out on whether juice cleanses actually detox the body”.

So it took me months before realizing that a juice cleanse is something that I really want to experiment with and actually do wholeheartedly. The top three companies that interested me the most were: BluePrintCleanse, CoolerCleanse and OrganicAvenue. I made sure to research the taste, calorie information and sugar level of each drink.

To sum it up, I learnt that BluePrintCleanse offers three different levels. Renovation, Foundation, and Excavation. Renovation was designed for beginners (like me)! Which is designed to gently rid the body of impurities by using 100% organic, raw, and fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices in replacement of meals. The juices are also numbered in the order that you should drink them in, and one days worth of juice is made with approximately 20 pounds of freshly pressed fruits and vegetables. BluePrint founder Zoe Sakoutis says that “The nutrients go directly into your blood stream, feeding your cells within 10 to 15 minutes to help you regain an alkaline balance while normalizing your digestion and metabolism.” Fans of the BPC include Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker and Olivia Wilde.

Then there was cooler cleanse which offers a 24 hour cleanse, opposed from a 3 day cleanse like BPC. For first time cleansers, this seems like the most compelling way to experience the “invigorating power” of raw juices including “yummy” (sarcasm is getting the best of me) ingredients like kale and spinach. Similar to BPC, it contains of six juices that you drink every two hours but my research shows that it’s calorie count is much less than BPC (less than 1000 a day), so I questioned weather this would be right for me once I started to introduce food again. “The Juice For A Day program provides the benefits of juicing, without letting people feel like they’re in over their heads,” says Eric Helms who is the co-founder of Cooler Cleanse. “Just replace your regular meals with six fresh-pressed juices for a day-long mini-cleanse that will leave you feeling like a brighter, lighter, more supercharged version of yourself.”

Last but not least: Organic Avenue. These adorable little chubby bottles and passing the store on Lexington Avenue (each and every morning) made me intrigued to research. I found an article written by glamour editor: Mariana Khidekel, and read about her first experience “cleansing”. With fans like Gwyneth Paltrow, and being New York City based, I decided to find out more about this company realizing it was founded by Denise Mari who started the company on the belief that “you are what you eat, beauty comes from the inside out and healing happens naturally via a fresh food, plant based diet”. This was another confirmation as to why I wanted to try a cleanse.

Similar to health editor Mariana Khidekel, I am also someone who wants to do it all or nothing. So the verdict for me was picking BluePrintCleanse. After all it is available via website, or FreshDirect (a website I use way to often)! And I could start it as early as tomorrow without hesitation. The only downer to ordering my cleanse via freshdirect and not the actual website itself is that I don’t get motivational emails or an instruction booklet-but I found this as a positive thing, realizing that I could better understand it via internet and reviews.

So the cleanse came mid afternoon and after a night of drinking yesterday at 230 fifth avenue (which I will review in an additional post) I felt like it was much more appropriate to start the cleanse tomorrow when I would feel better from drinking my weight in vodka (not literally). Once the box arrived, I unpacked the sparse design containers and hoped that I could stomach the $70 per day drink.

I then read that NY times writer Judith Newman compared the green juice to “drinking everything bad that ever happened to me in high school.” Gasp! Anyway I will update tomorrow, and in the meantime eat up on the food that I can. In other words that means ordering $68 worth of food for two people from seamless. Wish me luck!

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