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Kardashian Spotting

If there is anything a Kardashian and I have in common, it’s picking the same airline. Or country for the time being. Both Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner traveled into Heathrow airport this morning, with very over packed luggage.

The pair had a porter pulling their trolley containing 11 large suitcases and suit bags to ensure that they had enough clothing for their stay. Kourtney was joined by her boyfriend Scott Disick for the trip as the newly crowned “lord” is due to attend various of social commitment while in England, and their two children Mason and Penelope.

While Kourtney looked chic in a black and white checkered jacket as she left the airport pushing Penelope in a stroller, Kris opted for quite an odd ensemble consisting of a heavily patterned black and white suit, with flat studded loafers. But mason looked the comfiest wearing a blue onesie, with black biker boots.

Kourtney and her family flew into London on Virgin Atlantic after a very busy stay in New York. Taking the same exact 8 hour flight I took just a few days before. The airline is fantastic, and I’ve been flying with them ever since I was 6. Having a Bumble & Bumble hair salon and spa in their VA lounge, a bar on board, private beds, gourmet food and even shopping while in the air, I can’t say their is anything I have to complain about.

On Tuesday 34 year old Kourtney and 57 year old Kris wore firefighter outfits while visiting a local station in Manhattan. They skipped posing with massive hoses and favored brandishing pike poles for the tourist snap which they posted on Instagram. “It was an honor to visit everyone at Fire House 10 thanks guys!”-the momager tweeted to her 2.9+ million followers. Fire house 10 is across the street from the World Trade Center site and the 9/11 memorial, where a total of 343 firefighters and paramedics were killed in the devastating terrorist attack.

Earlier on Tuesday, the reality stars were seen leaving their Manhattan hotel “rocking” matching Birkin bags, priced around $15,000 each. Kourtney wore a green Army jacket over an all black leather top with skinny jeans and riding boots, while Kris wore a printed blouse, black leather pants, and high heeled boots. Age appropriate? You can be the judge!