• Mercedes Benstock

Kate Middleton in Labor

It seems as though my predictions for the royal baby might be right. Aside from being my “half” birthday today (21.5) and intuition, the web is overflowing with news.

It has been released that the Duchess of Cambridge is in the early stages of labour and was admitted to the hospital around 5.30 AM (UK time) this morning as she prepares to give birth to the future king or queen of England.

The Duchess travelled by car from Kensington Palace to St Mary’s hospital, without police escort. However this morning there is a strong police presence around the hospital and two police offices are guarding off the entrance to the private Lindo wing.

Experts seem to believe that the Duchess of Cambridge could be in labour for up to a day and a half, however consultant obstetrician Patrick O’ Brien said the average length of labour for first time mothers is about 12 hours long. That means that the royal baby could be born later this afternoon or early evening.

Palace officials chose to make the announcement that the Duchess has gone into labour, in an attempt to balance her dignity with the fact that social media makes it close to impossible to keep her baby’s imminent arrival a secret.

Clarence house sent a press release and then tweeted when they were able to confirm that the royal baby was on it’s way.

Dickie Arbiter, a former press secretary to the Queen said that the birth will be a historic first, as “there will be three heirs in waiting” also adding in that while William will be by Catherine’s side supporting her, the Royal Family will not visit once the new addition arrives.

Former solider Terry Hutt a 78 year old royal fan from Cambridge, has been camped outside St Mary’s hospital for 12 days straight. “I have the best royal bed in town-I have lost my voice with all the excitement. At night we’re watching the hospital in two-hour stints like the army-the health of the abby and kate is the only important element” he says. Mr Hutt is proudly wearing a union flag suit and tie which a Dutch firm donated to him. He laughed off that his trousers (pants) were 10 inches to long for him and that his wife of 51 years thinks he is “a bit mad”.

But he certainly isn’t the only fan camping outside, along with the thousands of people and press waiting outside the hospital from around the world. A “Diana Super fan” known as John Loughrey from south west London said that he was so excited that he was like a “washing machine-full of spin”. He also predicted names, saying that if it’s a girl he thinks Diana will be the middle name, but if it’s a boy he believes Charles will be the name because of how he has “nurtured William and Harry”.

As soon as the baby is born, a proclamation which is signed by the doctors who delivered the baby boy or girl will be rushed from the ward and the sheet of creamy A4-size Buckingham Palace-headed paper will be brought out of the Lindo’s front entrance by a press officer “It will then be handed to a waiting driver and driven through the streets of London – escorted by police outriders – to the Privy Purse Door at the front of Buckingham Palace” Quotes Rebecca English who is a royal correspondent and Martin Robinson.