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Sometimes It’s the smallest things in life that have the biggest impact. Earlier this year (when my blog had just started out) I wrote to multiple magazines introducing myself and my blog-which is now a licensed company (Mercedes Chloe LLC). Ok-so maybe it was a silly idea, but life is all about trial and error.

After getting no response months later, I was a little disappointed and discouraged but I still continue to blog on a daily basis. After all, there are thousands of blogs out there, and to stand out you need to do something that differentiates you from the rest. I suppose that’s why I don’t classify my “blog” into one specific category (unlike other blogs), because I post about anything and everything that’s important to me, opposed from one specific thing.

Earlier last week, I decided to write a post about my personal role model, and someone who I highly look up to-Ms Ivanka Trump. Of course I expected my followers to read it, but when I got an email from Ivanka Trumps assistant-my jaw dropped (and yes, tears were in my eyes)!. Ivanka had read my post about her, and taken the time out of her very busy day, to personally write-and thank me for the kind words. It was honestly one of the best days of my life and something that I will never forget. Not to mention more inspirational and thoughtful, than anything previously imaginable.

So anyway on a completely different note, yesterday Barnby went to “Biscuits and Bath” for a full day of doggy pampering. They also gave him a hair cut, which somehow translated into a buzz cut despite me specifically emphasizing that I like him nice and fluffy. So I pick him up at 5pm, and he is unrecognizable. Without fur. Shaved. Looking like Austin Powers dog. So lets just say that he won’t be going back there any time soon. At least until his fur grows in normally, and the person understands that a trim means trim, and not a buzz cut!

I also walked upon a street fair, which usually I avoid at all costs-trying my best not to smell like street food or zeppoles. But as soon as I saw clothes, of course I ran over with interest. I’m not quite sure what kind of fair it was, but it was located right near Grand Central and was inevitably packed. There were jewelry stands, clothing stands, cell phone stands and random food stands selling everything from chopped watermelon-canolis.

One clothing stand that caught my interest, was selling tank tops with printed images on them. The shirt that first caught my eye had a girl floating with balloons, and that’s when I decided to look through the remainder of them. They were each unique, to say the least, and what I liked about them was that there wasn’t any two shirts, that were the same. They were also each printed in black and white. So of course being the shopaholic that I am, I had to get one. So I picked out one which had an illusion of an old-school camera around the neck. Its pretty cool and way different, which I love. I’m just waiting for the right day, weather and occasion to wear (and share) it.

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