• Mercedes Benstock

Landing A Spot On the Nassi Team

I’m going to be sharing my full story soon, but for now I want to share how I was granted the amaaaaazing opportunity to join a top sales team (the NASSI team) and work for Danny Nassi at Nestseekers international. 

I’ve been following Danny for about a year on Instagram and was instantly drawn to his perseverance and power in Real Estate. His passion was one I could relate to, and I could instantly tell that he was a no nonsense kind of man. A man that killed it in the real estate market. 

His posts spoke to me and his approach and engagement to followers instantly  stood out from other brokers that I followed. One day I was on instagram (I know I know, a rare occurrence) and saw Danny was live. Without thought I tuned in and he insta-waved to me. WOW this guys real. I asked him a question about merging into sales and his response was on point. Every rental I did, could be a sale I closed. 

I knew immediately that I had to be on Danny’s team. This was the opportunity I was waiting for and now was my time. I asked Danny on his live chat if I could send him my resume and he said I could, but he doesn’t hire without two years experience or a portfolio of clients. That didn’t stop me. I immediately sent him an email with my resume. The subject was “Mercedes Randall-Newest member of the Nassi Team!” It was a bold move. 

Within minutes I got a response from Danny that he would review my resume and circle back. Ill be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would hear back or not-so when he sent a second email saying that he had read my blog, liked it and wanted to meet I was delighted. 

He gave me three days/ times to pick from and I picked the first one. I didn’t want to waste a single second and was determined to land a spot on his team. 

Inevitably I was a little nervous, but I’m a huge believer that what’s meant to be will always be. Life has a way of working out, even when you least expect it- trust me. 

Long story short, the nerves instantly went away the moment I met Danny. He was even more real in person and radiated positive energy (yep I’m also huge on positive energy- just ask Dan). 

I opened up to him about my story and how I fell into real estate. He hired me on the spot and asked when I could start. My response? Immediately. 

Moral of the story? Believe that you can and DO. Be productive, be persistent and never give up.