• Mercedes Benstock

Lavo Brunch

So yesterday was my first Saturday Lavo Bunch. It was pretty amazing, and wild at the same time, by having an “F**K the Hampton’s Bikini Brunch” party where models on lifeguard stands posed and danced, champagne bottles were opened by the minute, and celebrations were happening all over.

The day started with a glass of bubbly at 10 am, and ended with a grey goose and sprite at 4.50 AM (the approximate time that I arrived home, after drinking for 18 hours) after heading to PHD, Starbucks (for a quick “sober-me-up”frappachino and iphone charge), an oyster bar (downtown that I forgot the name of), Ken and Cook, followed by Acme. It was a pretty amazing weekend to say the least. Wild, but fun and everything in moderation is good for you once in a while.

As my summer is filled with work, taking summer classes-it was a brief (irony) outing. After one hours of sleep from 5 am (on my couch!)-6 am, I lasted most of the day until I finally fell straight asleep on my couch at 615 PM. Anyway attached are pictures! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend also, and get excited for a written post tomorrow! Think cosmo meets real life.