• Mercedes Benstock

Looks can be deceiving

So before I go back to school walking and talking like a robot, I need to clear a few things up with my classmates/fellow readers. Yes, I have a cast on my nose, a gauze under my nose and tape across my face but no, I did not get a “nose job” aka rhinoplasty.

I have had a deviated septum since I was 8, and before allergy season reoccurs I finally decided to get it fixed along with two cysts in my sinuses removed. So this is one of those times when looks can be deceiving. I have to admit I am in quite a lot of pain, not being able to breathe through my nose, speak properly, and to add to the mix it also feels like two bricks are pressing against my nose! A surgery that was supposed to take an hour, ended up taking almost four.

Mauro drove me to the surgery, while we joked around in the waiting area, putting the surgical cap on him, dancing around, and replacing nerves with silliness. He acted more nervous than me, and the two things I requested after surgery was a vente coffee frappachino light, and an ice cream cone. He told me he wouldn’t be able to sneak either into recovery, but after not eating since 10 pm the night before, anything seemed delicious at that point.

As it had it, the nurse told us that i couldn’t have dairy after surgery, as it could make my stomach queasy. Recovery seemed to fly by, and after being wheeled out in a wheel chair all I wanted to do was fall asleep. When I was asked my pain level, I said it was an 8/10, and I was one of the unfortunate ones who bled everywhere (how lovely)!. As I wish I could sit here and say that the pain has resided, it certainly has not. Having to take pain killers, anti-nausea medicine and an antibiotic on a regular basis is no fun. Along with having half of your face covered with a bandage, and looking like a duck!

So deciding to write about this was pretty risky-as people are quick to judge, and assume I had this, this and that done, but before people had the opportunity to do so, I wanted to pre-advise people on what actually happened. This was a mandatory operation before allergy season re-started. So that i could breathe normally.

Today to take my mind of the pain, Mauro and I went to get my nails painted, and i had the balls to walk into Starbucks and Bath and Body Works. People were staring, kids were petrified and the women in Bath and Body Works asked me how my day was, looked at me and said “oh well that was a stupid question to ask” w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l.

I grabbed onto Mauro a few times feeling vulnerable, and pretty much like an alien. As it’s only been about 24 hours post op I’m hoping to go back to school within the next day or so. I am on a strict diet of Ice cream, Starbucks, and soup, but Mauro has been an absolute sweetheart looking after me, catering me with macaroons and manicures to make my spirits high. My little sister Trinity has even helped me an abundance of times, while Poppy went into diva mode an accidentally threw Barnbys “lamb chop” toy at me thinking we were playing catch.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling slightly better and be able to post more!