• Mercedes Chloe

Low Carb Italian Pasta Salad

The warmer weather in NY has me craving all the things. I love a good summer BBQ and the past few days this Italian Pasta Salad has really hit the spot. It's easy to put together and completely filling.


1 Package Of Better Than Foods "pasta"

Tri-color Peppers

Chopped up baby carrots

Baby tomatoes

Grated Parmasan

FF Italian Dressing


If you're familiar with my blog you know the obvious by now-i'm not a chef but I guess you can say I'm a recipe adapter! I love to throw random ingredients together to see how they work.

There's no specific instructions other than to drain the pasta before eating (Run it under hot water for 5 min) cut up the veggies and throw into a bowl all together. If one serving of dressing isn't enough-try adding a dash of vinegar. I used rice vinegar!