• Mercedes Chloe

M and ken?

So as I’ve been craving a massive 10,000 calorie crumbs cupcake, listening to Rhianna’s new CD, and resisting Christmas shopping all in the same week, i have one word: UGH. December is finally here which means snow, presents, and weight gain. Every single Christmas i manage to gain at least 2-5 pounds from chocolate, cake, and cold weather. Mathematically speaking, if i know that i am going to gain those five dreadful pounds each and every winter, i should know how to prevent it ( or just go to the gym/stop being a fat cow).

Getting me to a gym is harder than plucking eyelashes. I feel good once i’m there, or after i work out but pre-gym?forget it. I would rather sit home, watching reruns of the OC or grays anatomy than be on a treadmill (on an endless road). Clearly this has to change, as well as my mindset. I need to realize the basics:

a) workout clothes can be sexy b) you could meet guys (who are also sexy) c) who cares if the wanker next to you (twice your age) is going faster than you

Tomorrow never comes with me. I always say tomorrow this, tomorrow that. The time is now! So everyone needs to step up to the plate, and start caring about their health. If your in a relationship and have totally let yourself go (aka me) December is the time to change this! Do whatever you have to do, to engage the new you. Dye your hair, paint your nails, tan, get a wax, shop and most importantly: head to the gym and trade in that Creme brulle frappachino for a salad.