• Mercedes Benstock

Meal Planning

You know it's time to change your eating/spending habits when you become black status at sweet green! In my defense, it's one of my only indulgences since giving up frappachinos. And the good news? I'm not drinking my way to a heart attack! I'm not sure what took me so long to give up the sugar filled drink-but regardless. 

For some reason I've never considered "meal prepping" I'm much more of a spontaneous eater and like to eat what I "fancy" that day. I always have a banana before working out during the week, sometimes grapes or an apple suffice If my little monkey (Aspen) has eaten all the bananas. If I'm hungry after working out I will have a Spinach/ arugula salad. If not? I will wait until lunch time which is 95% going to be sweet green. 

I've tried the Kale Cesar there along with a few others, but my favorite is to make my own. I have an Arugula/romaine base and add spicy quinoa, tomatoes, cucumber, sweet potato, carrot and avocado every now and then. I dress it with balsamic vinegar to avoid loading up on empty calories. Then around mid day I snack on more fruit or healthy vegetables like carrots/snap peas to hold me over before dinner. 

Dinner will always vary. I love to cook salmon or grill chicken and always add steamed veggies to our plate. Another big thing for me this year has been giving up soda. I used to drink diet coke religiously before recognizing a correlation with breakouts. I now stick to seltzer or water and try to limit the diet coke to 1-2 cans a week. Do you have a favorite lunch? Let me know in the comments below! 

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