• Mercedes Chloe

Mean girls

I have got to admit that sometimes I think my school is a real life mean girls movie The only difference is that we are are in college, not high school. There’s no such thing as being miss popular. There is such thing as being a bitch, intending to gain the popularity you never had In high school.

So my advice is to give it up and grow up. If you have that much time to go out of your way, and ruin someones day, do what Jill zarin once said and “Get a hobby”.Combine fashion, attitudes and preposterousness (for no reason), and your destination is LIM. In terms of education I have no complaints, which is why I always say that “I am at school to learn, not make friends”. It sounds bitchy, but I have a great group of true friends with no room for those whose best quality is being fake. It’s bittersweet that none of my best friends go to school with me, but it allows me to put my full focus and energy Into my education.

So this post comes after a defense of Justin Bieber’s talent in one of my classes. Mainly because my little sister Poppy is in love with him, but also because I am not embarrassed or afraid to speak up.So when the entire class jumped at how untalented Justin is, along with how slutty Kate Upton is I jumped to there defense. First of all, Justin Bieber can sing, he is talented and really worked hard to get to where he is. Second of all Kate Upton is a model. She’s gorgeous, and just because she is on the front of sports Illustrated does not label her a slut. Once again people should think before they speak and do their research.

Just because you don’t have Kate Uptons figure, doesn’t give you the right to slag her off, and Just because you don’t have Justin’s voice, doesn’t give you the right to criticism.

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