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Meet Mr Wall Street

Meet Mr Wall Street. Canadian real estate broker Marin Lavoie who enjoys the finer things in life as he shows the other 99 percent what they’re missing.

Under the telling user name: MrWallStreet83, the 29 year old self styled playboy/businessman has been flooding his instagram account with pictures of tailored clothing, high end watches and multimillion dollar homes.

Until recently when he decided to delete both accounts, Lavoie would take the time out of his busy condo-hawking schedule to share photos of himself to his 483 followers. Nonchalantly posing in his perfectly pressed suits, watches, or holding a cash fan of Canadian $100 bills.

One photo certain to turn any “commoner” green with envy, shows about two dozen bottles of champagne magnums chilling in a sleek ice bath. But recently his social websites such as: Instagram, Twitter and his Facebook page (which featured numerous pictures of high end penthouses with breathtaking views) has now been deleted.

And just incase his followers were skeptical that the 29 year old broker is the absolute real deal, he posted a receipt for a meager $135,000….spent on booze. Including a magnum bottle of Armand De Brignac Nebuchadezzar champagne, with a price tag of around $100,000.

But the coy broker later told New York magazine that some of the penthouse pictures and the receipt of booze, belonged to a friend of his. According to the Daily online, and to get the point across that life has been treating him quite well ” the pudgy canadian with cheshnut hair and a five-o-clock shadow” has been supplementing his photos of Hermes ties with gold embossed business cards with hash tags like #Wealth, #Fortune500, #Goldmansachs and #moneyneversleeps.

Although Lavoie works far away from the heart of New York Cities financial sector where well dressed stock traders roam free. He said he chose his instagram user name “Mr Wall Street” for the future. While some people may consider such public displays of excess luxury-bad taste, Lavoie believes that he is performing a form of “public service”.

“I’m just trying to show people the good things in life” he told New York Magazine. “If I go somewhere, I’m staying in a nice hotel. I’m not cheap with the cars I’m driving, the clothes I’m wearing. Perhaps I don’t live the Trump life, but I’m happy with what I have in my life so far.”

Lavoie also emphasized that he was “not trying to be cocky” by sharing his pictures, but instead trying to “set an example” for others by showing them his actual lifestyle. According to his online profile, Lavoie is currently living in Montreal and works as a broker for the London Reality Group Inc.

“Perfectly aware of tastes and needs of the younger generation of professionals as well as the accomplished ones, Martin is very familiar with the downtown core market” his profile boasts.

And just in case your curious, yes ladies, Lavoie is single.